Cuban Salsa

Hugely popular in the UK, Salsa has all the moves from traditional Latin dance (such as Cha Cha, Rumba etc.), but has evolved into a sexy, creative partner dance that will give you an irrepressible zest for life!

A modern hybrid based on Cuban Son and Mambo. If you like sexy Latin rhythms and wiggling your hips (if you don't, you soon will if you join our Salsa class), then Salsa is for you. At first glance, the dance looks like a fast Rumba or Cha Cha, and in fact they are all much the same, but Salsa is livelier and has more moves then the rest put together. Salsa is great therapy, and it won’t be long before doctors are recommending it!

Rueda (de Casino) is a part of the class where couples make a circle and dance various moves called out by the ‘caller’. Some of the moves are designed so that you swap partners during the move. Great Fun!

Dance Lessons

We teach Cuban Salsa, Bachatta and sometimes Zouk on Thursday Evenings in Irvine at:

GSK Sports and Social Club, Shewalton Road, Irvine. KA11 5AP

Classes start at 7.30pm


. Please see the classes section for details.

You can also arrange for private Salsa lessons. Please contact Roi.


Check the workshop link on our home page for the latest information on Salsa workshops. Please contact Roi for planned future workshops.