The Way We Teach

Social dance has, in the last fifteen years, enjoyed a massive revival in popularity. As regards an activity which is tactile, interactive and above all - fun, there is nothing quite like social dance, apart from maybe Judo, but we may not all be cut out for that. However, we have seen some interesting parallels, especially in the beginners class!

So, we place a special emphasis on the fun element. From our experience over a long period of time, we have realised that what contributes to enjoying an activity such as this is a good light hearted social atmosphere, which is why we like to have a laugh at our classes, and why we change partners during the lesson), and good, safe dancing (bad dancing on a crowded dance floor is hazardous.

As regards good, safe dancing, the level and amount of technique we can impart on you depends how much you want to learn, and the size of the classes (it is easier to explain and correct a fine point to a class of ten then to a class of one hundred). However, whatever your level of interest in the complexities of the dances we teach, you will find we have all the answers, whether it is about footwork, how to lead and follow, how to spin, how to feel and interpret the rhythm, about the music structure etc.

Safety on the dance floor is part and parcel of good technique. If you are spinning around and your elbows are up or perhaps you are on the wrong foot and off balance, then you are apt to clobber someone, whether it be your own partner or someone dancing near you. Also as regards lead and follow skills, if the men are not taught good technique, they are going to be wrenching the ladies arms or going against natural joint movement; Also if the ladies do not follow properly and the men try to spin them perhaps on point A, and the ladies end up over at point B, they are apt to crash into another dancer. So whatever dance we teach you, we will teach you footwork (even in Le Roc) and good technique - this economises effort, puts you in the right place at the right time, and gives you good balance. You will find you will be able to dance to faster music than you would be able to otherwise, and be able to do more advanced moves then someone without the same technique. If you have ever been to a class where the instructors have told you not to worry about what to do with your feet, it is because they do not know the footwork themselves. What happens is that every one ends up dancing the same way, just stomping around on every beat of music. If you are taught economy of foot movement, later on you will have time in between what steps you need to take to add your own embellishments, and your own individual style will develop.

So! We hope some of our un-abating enthusiasm and love for the dances we teach, and our respect for the dances technique and finer points, will rub off on you, and help you enjoy them as much as we do.

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