Ballroom Samba has it's roots in Brazil, and is based on the Samba carnival dance, and other Brazilian dances such as the 'Maxixe'.

Samba appeared in the late 1920s in America, and was popularized by Carmen Miranda with her fruit head-dress. Samba has gone through many stages of synthesis since then, to make it one of the most popular and fun Ballroom Latin dances.

Samba is danced with a slight bounce to a 1a2, 3a4 rhythm to music with a lively 2/4 or 4/4 tempo and time signature. This may not mean a lot to some of you who may be new to dance, so the best thing is to come along and give it a try. You will be "hooked" straight away!

Dance Lessons

We teach Samba on Sunday Evenings at Hurlford Community Centre. Please see the classes section for further details.

You can also arrange for private lessons. Please contact Roi.

Workshops in Samba and other Latin Dances

Check the workshop link on our home page for the latest information on workshops.